We are currently serving breakfast and lunch to our 150 students 5 days a week.

Saint Titus Grace Academy



With help of a few well wishers including pastor Silas, and Geophry, they mobilized resources and commenced a feeding program for 13 children in September of 2016. They also started kindergarten school under a mango tree. This is also where they were training church leaders.


Mrs. Sydney Kinnear, Mr. Denis Kinnear and other local volunteers heard about the small feeding program and came to our rescue. They helped to push the initiative further as to build a mud house in that area. This was a multi-purpose house which served as a kitchen, store, church and more so as classrooms.



The school had never had bathrooms with privacy. This was the first thing we wanted to tackle because the kids needed a sanitary and safe place. In June 2017, we finished 5 toilets! 

This is also a time where pastor Silas and teaching aids started engaging the parents. Most parents did not know about nutrition and how to feed their families on a balanced diet. Unfortunately, many of them are HIV positive so a healthy diet is crucial. Parents are also being taught how to keep healthy and avoid infecting/re-infecting their children or others.


With your help!

We embarked on a program to ensure that the children achieve an education by starting a school that offers a free education to the orphans and those children living in abject poverty.

EPCL is facilitating kids going to school. We have now begun to work with pre-school ages too so they get fed and a good start with early education. More than 90% of these children were frail, badly malnourished and stunted as they were not assured of even a one meal day. At times, families have to survive on sugar cane for two or three days. 

We now educate and feed 150 kids daily! The health status of many children in the community has gotten much better. Titus Grace has not only helped children, but has given jobs to many women.