We are currently serving breakfast and lunch to our 150 students 5 days a week.

Volunteering in Kenya

Ready to change your life forever?


It takes everyone helping to ensure impoverished children/orphans are provided with basic needs/rights- food,shelter,clothes and education. We understand how busy lives are and the demands for time between work, school and families. We also know many people want to go and serve but may not understand how to serve, where to serve or the cost. We hope to make this an easy decision for you when considering serving with EPCL.

I can honestly say there is nowhere on earth like Kenya! The people, the land,the culture, the animals are all beyond comparison. We love to share Kenya and help others get to know the Kenyan culture and fall in love with it the way we have. 

When you volunteer in Kenya with EPCL, you will be ministering to children who have been orphaned, and/or living in such poverty that it will break your heart. You will be building or working on their school, teaching in the school or VBS. You might be cooking and feeding the hungry kids, ministering to their families/caretakers: buying, putting together and delivering orphan support food to families/widows. You may be teaching in church or an open air crusade, teaching discipleship training, praying for people, and sharing what God has brought you through. At times we don't know what God will have us do on a day to day basis. We have plans for the day but many times God will redirect our steps that day and what happens is so much better than what we had planned. Flexible, it is all about being flexible and open to what God has planned. 

Blessings is what we think we are taking on the mission field. Time and again, day after day, it is us, the mission team, that ends up being blessed by those we are serving. 

Serving in Kenya opens up God's world to you in a wonderful way. You will experience God's creations in wonderful ways on safari, you will experience love shown to you by people groups several hundreds of years old, you will experience new ways of doing things, new foods, new ways to cook and experience so much more.  

Airfare Cost

We do our best to keep costs low. Airfare is the biggest cost you will have. You may find your own or we can help you find the best option. Plan on $1500-$2000 round trip depending on the time of year. June-October is animal migration and the highest tourist season- best for safari but the highest airfare unless booked far in advance. 

Housing/Food Cost

Staying with us in our house is the least expensive. $20 a day room/meals/snacks etc. Sharing our house with us is very flexible and low key. You may choose to stay at The Royal City Hotel within walking distance to our house. The hotel website is www.royalcityhotel.co.ke . Their rates are online and are usually between $30-$50 including breakfast. You are on your own for dinner or can choose the full board option. Of course you are always welcome to join us.  


$30 round trip from the airport to where you are staying. The cost of transport each day to the school depends on the number of people in the group and cannot be accurately given until the group number is known.  

Personal Insurance

We do not require insurance but we strongly recommend it. Insurance covers lost bags, emergencies, illness on your trip, and other important items you may not think about. Usually $3 a day. We have a couple of companies we use and the information is in the info packet.  


The cost varies according to the time of the year, the park you want to visit, the number of days you want to be on safari and the type of accommodations you want. Safari is something everyone should experience.

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